Empty "sent" folder (solved)

For several months, when I send an email via K9-Mail, it no longer appears in the “Sent” folder.
Could you help me resolve this problem, please?

Just “me too”, as my last E-Mail in the SENT Folder is from beginning of December 2023. IMAP.

I found the solution to the problem:
You have to go to Settings / Account / Folder And there manually assign the correct folder.

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Thanks for the info.
I checked, but it was already configured right.
I then changed the setting and changed it back again, and then tried to send an E-Mail:
Unfortunately still nothing in the SENT folder. :frowning:

Check if this is the only folder provided by your mail provider which contains “sent”. With mine I have two folders, Sent and Sent Items.

Same here… I’m french and i have a “sent” folder + “envoyés” folder.

It was “Sent Object”, and this one was not configured properly.
I set it to “Sent” and all good.
Thanks all!!

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Great! So this is solved? Then please mark answer with solution as such also for others.

Works for me too. Especially if your app is not in English you have to go and assign folders.