Emails stopped being received

Last night my email account stopped receiving emails from my server. It has happened before - I think with the older version - and I just edited the account settings in K9 and it worked again. This time it did not. The emails work fine when using Thunderbird on my PC.

The email log server sees the logins from K9 and reports the number of emails on that system but nothing downloads.

I was going to delete the account and re-enter it but the messages being held on the tablet will be deleted so that is not an option.

Not sure what to do next.

Might your mail provder have switched from a single to a mail-specific password?

I meant: an app-specific password?

No. It is my own email server. Works fine on another tablet and 2 P.C.'s

The same here.

I think the recent update messed up with the settings of one of my accounts (check your settings under sending mail, and folder too).

Strangely my other same phone with the same accounts didn’t have the issue.

So, any fixes? Infuriating that emails haven’t downloaded since last Wednesday. Thanks for any info.

Some details please:

  • K-9 release
  • Android release
  • mail service provider for the account(s) you aren’t downloading mail
  • did you update K-9 and then see this change in behavior or did this happen without an update to the installed K-9 release

Version 5.806
Last updated 30 aug 2021
Android 8.1.0
The mail server is my own and works with another tablet of the same spec.

This is a log file report from the last few minutes. It shows there are 21 emails waiting to be delivered but K9 does not want them. I use Hmailserver.

“POP3D” 2848 14730 “2021-12-02 22:40:32.370” “” “RECEIVED: USER
“POP3D” 2848 14730 “2021-12-02 22:40:32.370” “” “SENT: +OK Send your password”
“POP3D” 2868 14730 “2021-12-02 22:40:32.416” “” “RECEIVED: PASS ***”
“POP3D” 2868 14730 “2021-12-02 22:40:32.432” “” “SENT: +OK Mailbox locked and ready”
“POP3D” 2776 14730 “2021-12-02 22:40:32.479” “” “RECEIVED: STAT”
“POP3D” 2776 14730 “2021-12-02 22:40:32.479” “” “SENT: +OK 21 2626805”
“POP3D” 2848 14730 “2021-12-02 22:40:32.526” “” “RECEIVED: UIDL”
“POP3D” 2848 14730 “2021-12-02 22:40:32.526” “” "SENT: +OK 21 messages (2626805 octets)
“POP3D” 2868 14730 “2021-12-02 22:40:32.698” “” “RECEIVED: QUIT”
“POP3D” 2868 14730 “2021-12-02 22:40:32.698” “” “SENT: +OK POP3 server saying goodbye…”

You could check K-9 Mail’s log. See LoggingErrors · k9mail/k-9 Wiki · GitHub