Emails seen in browser interface, but not seen in K-9 Mail

This morning, I sent 3 emails to myself, and BCC’ed a number of contacts.

I see all three in my inbox seen via a web browser on my home system, but only 1 of the three shows up in K-9 Mail despite multiple resyncing efforts.

I’ve tried reordering the sorting and restoring to by date afterwards as some have suggested, but the missing emails are still not seen.

I have no class set, there’s not a size issue (I’m offered to download the entire message on the single message I am getting, and it happens to be the largest of the three anyway.)

Any idea why this would not work properly?

ATT (using yahoo for their email servicing) is the email provider.

Anything else I should look for?

Are you using POP3? POP3 was invented in the old days when no-one owned multiple computers and isn’t really up to modern tasks.


Good question - no. I’m using IMAP.

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