eMails in OutBox

I find emails that should have been sent, still in my outbox days later. No wonder I don’t hear back from the people. How d I fix it? and how can I get the newer versions, even beta? Thanks LOVE the app.

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In all cases I experienced that phenomenon the reason was that the nails were refused by the server immediately. Normally that means that one recipient’s address was obviously invalid.

Get it there :slight_smile:

There’s a glitch in version 6.2. The outbox does not quickly clear. I have to repeatedly jerk it! Eventually I make the outbox clear, and people then receive my emails.

One way I can trick K-9 to send emails from the outbox is: transfer them to Drafts, and then Send them from there. They then go instantly.

For me it is working fine.
Can you attach a debug log from K9?
Please make sure to review it for sensitive information and remove it before posting it here.