Download Google Play Not Found

Download by Google Play is Failed and not Found:

Why? Who find your correct Download Hyperlink?

Google removed the app. The main developer is working on it:

If you are installing K-9 Mail for the first time, you can also get it from the alternative app store F-Droid. It only ships open-source apps that respect your privacy. Also, F-Droid does not use intransparent algorithms that suddenly decide to remove a totally fine app.


Installed via F-Droid. It is a shame that in the current version the retrieval of email is limited to 15 minutes.

Version 5.600 is available via F-Droid, and supports both push notifications (IMAP IDLE) and higher polling frequencies (if for some reason push does not work for you).

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The minimum polling frequency being 15 minutes is a limitation of new Android systems. K-9 version 5.600 is built for old Android versions. The plan currently is to re-implement push before 5.7xx becomes stable.

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Ah. Thank you for answer.

K-9 Mail is now available again on Google Play.

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Thank you… Best Service ever…