Does the latest version support address autocomplete?

not been here for some time, and has been using the version before 6.0 ever after encoutering a problem with 6.00.
the update history did not say that, is the address autocomplete added?

K9 does provide email adress proposals if you have granted access to contacts. Is this what you are looking for?

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what does this autocomplete mean has been discussed many times in early messages. it has nothing to do with what you mean granted access. please read previous messages.

On this thread I do not see “previous messages”.
If you mean messages on other threads please reference to them so I can understand your request better.


you must be kiding.

and, why do not you make a search, is that too easy for you? and who is that guy made response about the autocomplete?

Nice… no, I was not kidding

Well, it is you who asked a question which I was not sure to understand correctly.

Right, it was me :slightly_smiling_face:
But to be honest, this is not the only request and forum I try to help on. So it seems I simply forgot about this :wink:

But back to your question: no, it does not seem to support this now

@Alpha If you have a follow-up question about one of your older threads, please post in that thread instead of making a new one. A new thread throws away all the context that the old one had. Volunteers here answer to about 50 threads each month - it is not surprising that they don’t remember your thread specifically if you start a new one.

K-9 does support autocomplete of addresses in your contacts, but not automatic saving of addresses.

By the way, no need to ask if this was added :slight_smile: If it was added, it would have been listed in the release notes. You could also have just tried yourself if it was added instead of asking. That would have been quicker and would not have created work for the volunteers here :slight_smile: