Distinguishing sent and received messages

After a ‘busy’ day I solved my previous problem - only to surface a slightly different (albeit related) one.

I do quite often mix sent and received messages in the same folder. There seems to be no easy way to figure out from the message list which is which. The common denominator is, of course, that for the sent messages they all originate from me - however I cannot see without opening the message where they have been sent.

Is there a setting that would allow the “from” and “to” identities to be appropriately displayed - seems like in the INBOX it is always who it is From and in the SENT it is always who it is To - this doesn’t work for me where I store some/all sent messages in my inbox.

Generally, I am finding the new version to be OK - just a bit cumbersome to reset many of the settings that I had in the previous version, but that is nothing new with updates.