Delete email and marked as read not working

I love 5.801 version, but it is causing me to do certain things twice and is very frustrating to the point where I may need to find a new email client software if we can’t fix this.

When I either delete or read an email, the email status is not updated on my imap server. K9 does delete the email on my phone, but when I go to my email account via webmail or Outlook, the email is still listed and has to be deleted again. This is intolerable when it involves 50+ emails per day.
When I read an email it temporarily is marked as read on my phone, but when I resync the folder all previously read emails are marked as unread. Only when I then visit my imap account via webmail or Outlook and mark them as read does K9 5.801 show them as having already been read. It’s making me think “why manage my email with my phone when I have to do it all over again later?”

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Sounds like all operations that modify messages on the server fail (or are still in the queue and haven’t been transmitted to the server yet). Currently such errors are not reported to the user.

To find out what’s causing this, you’d need to record debug log. See LoggingErrors · k9mail/k-9 Wiki · GitHub

The same behavior, when I read or delete mails on k9 on my phone they stay untouched on the imap server. (gmail, gmx)

Hi, now it is working for me, so I was not able to get some logs. I can not remember that I have done some changes to k9.

First, thanks for your quick reply. I read through your debugging instructions; however, I will not be successful in that the USB port on my phone has issues and is unable to be seen by my PC. Is there .any way to access the debug logs via a wireless network connection?


Yes, it’s a bit of work, though. See Android Debug Bridge (adb)  |  Android Developers