Delete downloaded Emails locally?

On the Account overview page you see the amount of storage space taken by the locally downloaded mails from this account.
Is there a possibility to delete (some or all, doesn’t mattert to me) of this mails?
[i use Version 5.6]

Assuming you use IMAP to access your account. If you use POP3, don’t
follow this advice, as it may permanently delete some messages!

If you long-press the account, there is an option labeled “Clear
messages (danger!)”. Despite the danger label, this is not a dangerous
operation for IMAP accounts, and simply clears the local cache of
messages without touching the server-side copies. This combined with a
message limit on the account can help keep a bound on the number of
messages your device retains in local cache.



Yes, I use IMAP and didn’t found the context menu before :slight_smile: