Contacts list is not correct. How to delete

Device is a Samsung Tab A7
Android 10
K9 downloaded today, 11 Feb. 2021

When I use add from contacts, the list shown is not the list from Contacts on the Samsung, and is not the list from the email server (imap).
And it does not have email addresses.

How can I delete it, or find where it is ?

“Add from Contacts” displays the contact selection screen of a contacts app on you device. It’s possible that you have more than one such app installed. If that’s the case you should have been prompted by the system to select one the first time you used this feature.

K-9 Mail does not manage contacts. It uses the system’s contact database for auto-completion. What kind of contacts the contact picker screen displays is entirely up to the contact app that displays the screen. Usually it’s also the contents of the system’s contact database, though.

If you have your settings set to display the correspondent’s name, rather than email address, only the name will show on the To: line. This may be the source of your “does not have email address” issue. You can see the email addresses associated with that name with a long-press – if there are multiple, the first one is the selected one.

[it would be nice to have the option to have both the name and email address displayed, rather than just one or the other.]

Thankyou to you both.

I have tested the problem using 4 devices, 2 Samsung and 2 Google. That is with 4 different versions of Android and Gmail, 2 different Android Contacts lists and 2 Samsung Contacts lists.
It is Gmail that is the cause of the issue that I had.

I have changed the syncing between devices and Gmails. Unfortunately I did not keep a precise note of what I did.

The only suggestion that I can give to anyone else who has a problem with their contacts list is to try things with other devices; and see if Gmail is at the heart of the issue, if they are using an Android device.