Constantly checking mail - hundreds of notifications

Help, I am not sure what I might have done wrong in this new version - the notifications are popping up over and over and over all day long (or they get “stuck” checking on a particular folder…?)

I know I have a LOT of folders, but something is making this just constantly keep checking and re-checking each one…?

I might have messed up a setting that I didn’t quite understand with regards to “push” (?)

(I am not sure if I am using the proper terms here to communicate how crazy this is acting all day today in order to get the right kind of help… I think it is constantly checking so much that it is also like a battery drain issue now, too…?)

I want to like this new version, but either something went wrong, or else maybe I messed something up.

I hope someone can understand what I’m saying (it is just constantly checking every folder, all day) and can help - thank you very much in advance - I have enjoyed using this email app for quite some time, and hope I can continue to use it.