Certificate problems again

On my wife’s old Huawei COR-L29 she had K9 working for years. But my son helpfully deleted it in errer. Since when after spending a day installing and uninstalling, setting up and re doing it we have had a total failure use to it not fining any certificate. We are both nearly 80 and I have largely given up, Gmail worked first time for her IDNet email account but she is struggling to get used to the changed layout. How1 do you get K9 to find a certificate that it clearly used before with no problems when set up again? The IDNet settings were right (I pasted nearly everything to get them right) as I found when adding them to Gmail its just it found a certificate and K9 totally fails. What can I do to get it working? (I have seen the many other similar topics and ether they haven’t worked or I had no idea what they were saying to do/try)