Case of first word in mail text

At the beginning of a mail normally there’s a greeting like
‘Hello Xyz,’.

In the next or second next line the mail text starts.
In English language the first word is word is upper case:
‘When the…’.

In German language there is lower case because there’s no new sentence and maybe in other languages, too:
‘als ich…’.

I have to correct 99% of all mails when I use the German language.
Is it possible to correct this depending on the language?
Or is it a feature of the keyboard driver?


We do configure the text input widget with a flag that “request[s] capitalization of the first character of every sentence”. Apparently a line break is treated like the end of a sentence and whatever is typed next is capitalized. But trying to work around this for one particular language feels like a lot of effort for little gain.

I believe that the (on screen) keyboard is responsible for the actual capitalization. I can configure the Google keyboard to disable “auto-capitalization” and this will work as expected with K-9 Mail.

As a work-around you could write the first sentence in one line and add a line break after the salutation later.