Browser like K-9 mail on external microSD card?

I like k-9 mail because it has everything and it is reliable. but most of all i like it because i can transfer it to my external microSD card. apps like tiktok (is on external, thank god), youtube, ebay (external), amazon, gmail app, FIREFOX especially produce huge amount of data. on my 32 gb smartphone i have to delete data weekly. i have calculated with another 128 gb smartphone (which doesn’t have microSD slot sadly, i produce 1-7 gigabyte per week by just consuming streams (it’s good for lowering stress). i have to delete the cached data otherwise i can’t use the smartphones properly. when the times come where cheap smartphones have 512 gb of storage (i call it rom, compared to ram which should be now minium 12 gb, 8 gb is to low), i will not need a microSD card becaue i delete cached data only once per year.

my question is: does anybody know a browser, which can be transferred to external microSD card? even fennec doesn’t support it anymore :frowning:

microsd cards are definitely not slow for me.

Sorry to say that I do not know a browser which can be moved to external SD. All the browser apps I use do not provide the change button in memory settings.

Why I write here is that I have checked for K9 and I see (at least for version 6.200) that moving it to external seems to be an option as button to change location is available - but it is greyed out so I cannot activate it.

Which version are you using?
What is the experience of others?

I am using K9 6.200 on S7.

version 6.200 from f-droid. lg g5 android 8