Bring back encrypted-only mails

sending encrypted-only mails was removed (1), reason (2). bring it back.

(1) OpenPGP Considerations, Part II: Encrypted-Only Mails
(2) OpenPGP Considerations, Part III: Autocrypt and Encryption by Default

Welcome to the forum, @jindam-listserv .

I guess you meant to say “bring it back, please?”

Anyhow, as the blog post explains (in my opinion, clearly comprehensible by laymen), encryption-only poses a clear and present security risk. It just is a bad idea.

Can you please outline why you don’t see a security issue and please state your reasoning?

P.S.: If your only concern is privacy/anonymity, why not use one-time keys, throwaway keys or anonymous keys for signing? However, the workflow for having these keys trusted is a hassle and - in my opinion - still greatly reduced the receiver’s security as the core trust issue remains.

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no need, stop imposing, democracy?

no thanks…