Block remote content by default

I’m trying to block remote content by default in K-9 Mail (like I did in Mozilla Thunderbird).
I found how to block images, but not the whole remote content.
Could you help me please ?

There’s no functional difference in K-9 Mail. When images are blocked, all network access for the web view is blocked.

How do you block remote images? I wasn’t able to find the corresponding option in the settings.

Welcome @alyaeanyx :wave:

Remote images are blocked by default. If an email references remote images, you’ll see a “show pictures” button below the message header to allow loading the images.

You can change this behavior under Settings → [Your Account] → Reading mail → Always show images

Thank you for your quick reply! I was using the /e/ OS fork of K-9 Mail where this option is enabled by default :sweat_smile: