Blank emails being sent

Love K9 mail and have been using it for years all of a sudden any email I send the user gets the email but all the content, just plain text, gets stripped and they get a blank email. I tested three times in a row sending a three different accounts and even looking in my sent box the email is there but everything I typed is blank. What would be causing this?

@Robert_Brody Welcome to the forum.

Are these plaintext emails?

I had a similar behaviour due to a bug with OpenKeychain where PGP/mime was broken by an invalid ASCIIamour… The emails weren’t actually blank. The thing was that all body was in the final header line (could see the PGP ciphertext when looking at the headers in Thunderbird or Outlook).

The same behaviour also happened on a different occasion with a different bug: Answering an S/Mime email where the original signature was not removed from the attachments. However, once again this was a bug in a different app (Ciphermail passed the wrong argument to K-9).