Beta: K-9 Mail 5.715

We just released the latest beta version, K-9 Mail 5.715. It includes the following changes:

  • Added swipe to refresh to side drawer
  • Display day of the week in the message list for messages newer than 7 days
  • Fixed bug that could lead to duplicate folders
  • Fixed bug that didn’t allow to turn off encryption when replying to an encrypted email
  • Updated translations

You can download the APK from our GitHub release pages right now. You will be able to get this version from Google Play when joining the beta channel (might take a few hours to be published). It should also be available on F-Droid the next time their repository is updated.


I’m very disappointed with what you did at K9-mail beta. This was really the best for multiple accounts and there is no more preview of all the accounts on the home page.
This is not useful at all… I can not imagine work with that.

In addition, 3 years ago some one have ruined the French translation, several comments on Play store complaint, but you seem to don’t care at all…
Poor K9. :’(

Hi @DJiK. Sad to hear that you do not like the updated interface. I think that the account switcher (press the little arrow in the sidebar) can be a replacement for the old account screen. I recently added pull-to-refresh to that page, so you can refresh all accounts at once. In theory, that page could even display the number of unread messages for the accounts. This is currently not planned but if someone has the time to contribute that feature, I am pretty sure that it will get merged :slight_smile: Remember: K-9 is developed in our free-time. It is free of charge and free of advertisements.

Most contributors do not have access to the Google Play comments. It is always better to contact the developers rather than writing bad comments on Google Play. This has a much higher probability that something is actually changed. The translations can be fixed pretty easily – you can even do that yourself. Have a look at K-9’s Transifex page:

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I think you make a mistake by removing the accounts page, this was the main advantage of K9, what make your success. A lot of others have a kind of menu for accounts and folders.
You should read the comments, it’s the easy way for the majority of users.

For the translation, no, I have created an account and tried but I can’t. So I have contacted the main translator and he have changed one or two lines only. (And as the app was not updated, I’ve never seen them!)

Many users like the new design. Additionally, average users probably do not use a ton of accounts. Feel free to help with tweaking the sidebar, so you can use it as a replacement for the account selection screen. Contributions to K-9’s development are very welcome! If you are not a developer, you could hire one to create a pull request. Before doing that, it is probably best to write a specification what exactly should be done and have it approved by the maintainers before hiring someone.

Looks like French is the only translation that is 100% reviewed. This means we are in fact dependent on the translation managers.

Have you tried sending them a list of strings that need to be changed? They are probably happy to help but maybe they do not have the time to review all strings again.

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New design is pretty but not useful. But as you want, I will just keep old version.
I even thought of going back to 5.0 to have the good translation. Or use Aquamail. But I’m sad.

I speak to the translator, I’m ready to help. In fact in only require to come back to previous version which was good, but he didn’t seem to want.

You are free to use whatever version you want. For reference, you can download all old versions here. Please keep in mind that the old K-9 versions might not be reliable on new Android versions.

You can’t just revert everything to the previous version. There have been lots of new translations and fixes. Tell them the actual strings that should be fixed :slight_smile: