Battery notification

Since the upgrade to 5.8 my phone shows “K-9 Mail is using battery” every time it wakes up, and after I unlock it there is a permanent icon for the notification in the upper left corner notification area. I have never seen such a notification for any other app, or this one before the upgrade. What does it mean, other than that K-9 is running? Doesn’t any app that is running use some battery? What is special about K-9’s battery use? I haven’t noticed that the battery is running down any more quickly than before the upgrade. How do I get rid of the notification?

Tap the notification to learn why it is needed. You can also have a look at this thread: "useless" notification problem

Thanks for the very quick reply!
I had tapped the notification, but there was no explanation of why it was needed. I was just taken to a battery usage screen.
The “useless notification” thread, although it was about a different useless notification, gave me the clue I needed - to long press on the notification. Then I got to unset battery notifications.
But I still don’t understand why it is only K-9 that triggered the battery notification. I always have several apps running and I have never had battery notifications about any but K-9, whether in foreground or background.

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Oh, so you have a battery usage notification but not the K-9 “push mail” notification? Strange. With the “push” one, it would be understandable because K-9 needs to stay active in the background but with polling it only does something every x minutes. No idea why your system considers this to be a problem.

That is correct. No “push mail” notification. Polling was set by
default to 24 minutes with the upgrade. I tried changing it, but that
made no difference. And if I look at settings->Apps&notifications->K-9
Mail->Battery, I am told “0% use since last full charge”. A couple of
other apps that I have spent more time on today have non-zero usage, but
I have never had notifications about them. K-9 is the only app I have
ever had a battery notification for, and only since the upgrade.

Is it possible that the notification was about battery usage during the
upgrade process?

Maybe, I don’t know ^^ If K-9 doesn’t show up in the normal battery stats with a significant percentage, I wouldn’t worry.

This seems to be something of your ROM. I used to experience that on my previous Moto G6+ (or was it with the OnePlus?) together with Syncthing. I also simply decided to hide this notification, since there seems to be no way to hide it in an app-specific way. Also not much K-9 mail could do, since it does require to have the service running for IMAP-IDLE support.

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