Auto-sync stopped working

Some weeks ago, my auto-sync stopped working after working properly for a long time. Manual sync works just fine. It happened when I temporarily changed my Defaullt Account and message display count, but there might have been an update around then too. I don’t’ recall changing any other settings at that time.

I have 3 email accounts in K-9, but only want to auto-sync one of them. I can include my exported settings for that account if it might be helpful. If it matters, I also POP emails to my laptop daily, and delete those from the server.

I hope someone can help me troubleshoot this, there are emails in one of my accounts that I need to receive very quickly, and I can’t constantly be manually checking email. I’ve searched forum posts here and elsewhere, and have not found anything to correct the problem.

Samsung Note 4
Android 6.0.1
K-9 Version 5.807
System setting Optimize battery usage for K-9 = Off

K-9 General Network Settings:
Background sync = When Auto-sync is checked

Account Fetching Mail Settings:
Sync messages from = any time (no limit)
Folder poll frequency = Every 15 minutes
Poll folders = All
Push folders = None
Refresh IDLE connection = Every12 minutes

Welcome SolarBozo :wave:

Have you tried setting General settings → Network → Background sync to Always?

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Thanks, this fixed it. I didn’t understand the setting, I thought it referred to a K-9 account setting for syncing. I noticed the wording “When Auto-sync is checked” was different than any of the Fetching settings, but it never dawned on me that it was referring to a Android system setting. Mea culpa for not exploring that further in the docs.

Thanks again, I love K-9.