Android 12 issue - Non primary account opened

When opening K9 mail, the last used account is opened rather than the primary account. This has occurred since my phone updated to Android 12. Anyone else?

You didn’t indicate what version of K9 you are using. The behavior of “primary account” was changed recently (unrelated to android release). The “primary account” is now the first account in the account list. You can change the order via the settings “gear” by moving accounts up/down by holding the “=” on the right side of the account list.

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Using Beta 5.904. The first account is my main account and it doesn’t come up since Android 12 update. The last used account does…

I’m also running 5.904 on android 12 and it works as I described earlier. I just double checked and confirm the following:

When you “set aside” the app, and don’t close it, the last used account comes up when you bring the app back up. If you close the app (e.g., with a “swipe close”) the first account in the list comes up when the app is opened.

Thank you for taking the time to test. I do see what you are saying and that is the behavior I now have. But I rarely swipe-close K9. If I previously just dismissed K9, it would still start with my main account.

Looking at 5.904 on an android-10 device I’m seeing the same behavior that I described for the android-12 device. These devices are all using “generic” android. I don’t know if an OEM’s version might do things differently.

I took a quick look but couldn’t quickly find when the change was made from the explicit “primary account” configuration checkbox to the implicit primary account - based on list order. It was fairly recent. Could your android version update have been coincidental with a K9 update that changed how the “primary account” is determined?