After updates, the list of messages is no longer as compact as before

Since updating to Version 6.501 or Version 6.500 (not sure which), the list of messages is no longer displayed compactly, despite the font sizes remaining the same (Tiniest). If I were to hazard a guess, I should say that this is because the vertical space given to each message in the list is so large because the icon or sender picture is disproportionately large. I don’t have a screenshot of the message list before the update, but I seem to remember that the pictures were smaller.

This is part of what the “work in progress” in this change log entry refers to:

  • The light and dark themes are now based on Material Design 2. This is still work in progress.

it appears that the stars got oversized with 6.5. previously with “show stars” (in general settings) turned on you got the compact view that you are referring to. if you turn that option off you’ll get it back in 6.5+ (though of course you don’t see your stars in the list view any longer). the star icon (and associated layout) just needs to shrink back to a one line size.


Thanks for the reply. As noted at After updates, the list of messages is no longer as compact as before - #3 by njeyaakili, it seems to be that stars that are the problem. I’ll wait for further work on this.

You are right, @njeyaakili. It is the stars and not the sender pictures. I’ll leave the stars undisplayed in the message list for the time being.

Yes, turning off Stars restores the compact view, so 14 headers on-screen rather than merely 9 spaced out.

Many thanks everyone!

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