Accounts partly setup undeletable (then disappear)

I have started a couple of times to try to set up Google Workspace email accounts, and discovered I have more setup to do on the host side.

Unfortunately this means I have two accounts that show in the accounts list from the hamburger menu, but they don’t appear in the settings menu of accounts available to delete.

I have no way to alter the accounts by adding some working settings or deleting them. Is there some other way I’m missing?

[Edit: I changed my title to reflect what I saw later]

See How to delete an account?

The partly configured accounts never appeared in Settings. They just appeared in the list to switch mailboxes under the hamburger menu. The two attempts (with the same email address) were appearing in the selector for reading mail but not visible to delete in the Settings.

It’s odd. I worded the above in the past tense because I just went to look and they’re gone now. I haven’t done anything different, so maybe K-9 has some sort of internal maintenance it does sometimes. (Overnight, maybe, since it’s very early here.)

All I had done before was to start setting up an account and not making it past the host configuration part.