Account overview or folder overview? Let user chose!

I’m not sure if all the guys complaining here about the missing “accout overview” really mean the overview of the accounts.

I did not start with the overview of my different accounts, because I had that “collecting” of different mail accounts already with my main mail provider, not here in K-9.

That’s why I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS started with the folder overview of my account, but this one is ALSO MISSING!! Why, in god’s name, isn’t there any simple option anymore just to CHOSE the desired start view???

I see that I can view my folder overview by tipping on the 3 menue bars … but this is NT want I want to do 50 days each day, just not to miss any mails landing in my other folders apart from my inbox folder!

EVERY developer must aunderstand that we all have mail rules causing certain mails NOT to land in the main inbox folder! And the RISK of seeing important mails TOO LATE is now just TOO HIGH!

So: just bring back the option to chose the desired start view, that’s all, and please do NOT discuss that you do not understand why we all need that!

We were satisfied users fo 10 years, and we don’t wanna be kicked out by such a sad and poor design decision.

Thx a lot!

Tale care, Michael

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