Account List limitation

I know that in K9 versions that are newer than something like 5.600, it has become impossible to get the Account List to show up when starting K9.

And for those of us like me who want to see the Account List at K9 app startup time, I know that it’s been recommended that we install the older 5.600 version.

However (!!!) … that older version of K9 is incompatible with my Android-11-based device.

Therefore, I would like to request that we be given a way to somehow cause the Account List to show up at startup time for those of us running modern Android versions upon which K9 5.600 does not run.

I’d really like to switch from AquaMail to K9, but the lack of an option for a start-up Account List is a show stopper for me.

Thank you very much for at least considering this request.