Account in alphabetical order

Hi, for years I use your app really well done.
But I wanted to ask you is there a way to alphabetize the list of email addresses I have?
I have several mail accounts and I would like them to be displayed in alphabetical order … That is, to be able to change the order in which the list of mail accounts that I have can be changed.
You could though if you can’t implement it in an update. Thank you. Good evening

…?.. Can someone help me?

I would also appreciate being able to do this.

Unfortunately, that’s currently not supported. As a workaround you could export your settings, remove all accounts and then import the accounts one by one in the preferred order. Alternatively, you could reorder the accounts in the settings file and then import all of them at once.

This is of course a feature we want to bring back. We’ll probably allow users to reorder the list of accounts in the settings screen. It’s an important feature, but right now we have more important things to do to get to a new stable release.

Thanks for the update.

I think what the OP is looking for, can be done in the current K-9 version in the Play Store. There are options to move an account up or down in the list.

Was this feature removed in the beta?

Can it be done? … I have just read your message … So is there a way to move kgi accounts … Or put them in alphabetical order?

I saw that you can move them up and down … But there is no function that arranges the accounts in alphabetical order … I hope they will update the application soon by adding this possibility to alphabetize the mail account list …

Is there any news on the ability to list the different email addresses in alphabetical order?