3rd party app can't attach picutes


I use an app call Photo resizer that I use to resize large photos for emailing. In the past, after it resized them, I could tell it to share via email. It would open a new message in K-9 Mail and all of the pictures would be attached.

Now, when I do the same thing, it opens a new message in K-9, but the pictures are not attached. If I uninstall and reload a previous version of K-9 Mail, the functionality returns. When I then re-upgrade to current version, I lose the functionality again.

Other apps still work. When viewing a PDF in Adobe Reader, I can click share and it opens a new message and attaches the PDF. I can open my picture gallery and select pictures, ask it to share, and a new message opens with the pictures attached. So I can’t recreate with other apps.

The other thing I noticed is with the older version of K-9 that works, it asks for photos/media access permission. The new version of K-9 does not ask for it. No idea if it’s related.

If anyone has any suggestions to get this to work, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


@Cakedaddy Welcome to the forum.

There are various ways how apps can interact with eachother. The “traditional” way is through intends and a path within the file system. That is why the old version of K-9 asks for this permission in a share.

Newer and safer methods discourage the use of the file system due to security concerns. Thus, intents should now use a media stream or content push rather than files.

My guess is that you photo app uses the old, unsafe intent… while K-9 has ditched it.